Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today I had the experience of introducing my mom to some SENSATIONAL CVS deals. It is so fun to show people how much they can start saving by "playing the game" and shopping with the ads and coupons together. Here is what my mom got on her first visit....
(2) Covergirl makeup products
(2) Sure deodarant
(1) Crest toothpaste
This would be $29.85 + tax worth of products, but by using the coupons I showed her she spent $3.18 + tax. Here is how....

Covergirl makeup (B.O.G.O. free) (B.O.G.O. free coupon)= (2) FREE

Sure deodarant(B.O.G.O.free) $3.69- (2) $1.00 off Sure coupons= (2) $1.69

Crest toothpaste $2.49 - ($1.00 coupon)= $1.49 + EARN $1.50 ECB for your next visit.

My mom was thrilled not only by the great savings but to actually be getting money back to spend on her next visit, which meant she really got all this for $1.68!!
I love showing new people how to do this. Especially if they are talking about how expensive grocery shopping is getting or if they are going through financial difficulties. If you have recently showed somebody new how to shop CVS please share your story.

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