Friday, August 1, 2008

August ECB's at CVS

Don't forget to pick up an August ECB book at CVS today as it is the first day of August. The book is good all month and with the weekend coupons coming it is a great way to start working some deals for next week. Also I mentioned in an earlier post to scan your card at the new coupon machines at CVS. If your store has a new machine,simply scan your card for instant coupons. These machines generate alot of $4 off $20.00 purchases and $3 off $15.00 purchases.


Elizabeth said...

I was thrilled today to go to a different CVS in a town beside us and see that they had a coupon machine. How many times a week are you allowed to scan your card?

linda said...

I scan my card almost everyday,althoughI have not scanned more than once in one day.They generate alot of good coupons,so if your in the area of a new CVS stop by to at least scan your card.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Linda! I'll definitely do that!