Monday, August 18, 2008


This week we are going to talk about detouring the snack foods. If you missed our previous series you can catch up on part 1 and 2 EATING RIGHT WHEN THE BUDGET IS TIGHT PART1 and EATING RIGHT WHEN THE BUDGET IS TIGHT PART 2 .

Snacks and sugary boxes of food are high in sugars and fairly expensive if they are not on sale or if you do not have a coupon. Snacks can take up a big portion of your grocery bill if you allow them to. I try to plan the week of snacks in advance with the sales and coupons. For instance if nachos are on sale for $1.00 a bag, I will pick up a few bags and get shredded cheese and a can of salsa (all on sale of course) and now I have 2 snacks for the week right off the bat. Nachos and cheese melted in the microwave and nachos and salsa. By getting salsa on sale @ $1.00 and nachos on sale @ $1.00 (Krogers this week by the way!) and cheese on sale for say 3/$5.00, the total cost of this snack is fairly inexpensive.

Ive learned to pick up 3 bottles or so of salsa @ $1.00 and wait for nachos to go on sale for $1.00 or $1.50 a bag. The more you budget on your grocery bill the more you will know your bottom line price. For example I will not spend over $1.00 on a jar of salsa. Kroger brand and Meijer brand always have sales on this item for $1.00. Chi Chi's also has coupons all the time on their salsa. So the bottom line is stocking up on food when it is on sale and knowing your food prices and what items go on sale regularly. This all comes with time and experience in budget shopping.

Another way to detour sugary snack foods is stocking up on fresh friut and veggies. When baby carrots go on sale for $1.00 a bag grab 2 or 3 bags and plan snacks or lunch/dinners on this item. Carrots and ranch for dipping, raw carrots plain, steamed baby carrots, etc.

Fruits and veggies also fill you up quicker than salty chips or cookies. So your payoff will be less money on expensive snack foods and a smaller waistline. Stay tuned for EATING RIGHT WHEN THE BUDGET IS TIGHT PART4.

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