Friday, August 15, 2008


Freebie Friday is being posted late today, (sorry) we have had lots going on, my oldest started basketball practice today, we are trying to plan 2 kiddie birthday parties for my 2 daughters, as their birthdays are approaching in the upcoming weeks and we were weeding the outside today. (WHEW!)

Anyhow, my friend Theresa sent me a link over this morning on learning how to knit for free by watching a video. I thought that was so cool, as I have been wanting my oldest daughter to learn, and she is expressing some interest. So anyhow I thought that would be a great FREEBIE FRIDAY. Here is the website

There is also another type of knitting available if the above link is to intimidating. Children do very well at this type of knitting called loom knitting. Both of these types of knitting can be watched on a video for FREE. Here is the other link

Hope you all enjoy, and maybe soon we can post pictures of the pieces we have knitted and show them off!

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