Monday, March 16, 2009


I snagged lots of great deals and freebies at Meijer this week. Here are some of the highlights from my recent trip....

Crest toothpaste $1.00 (use $1.00 P&G coupon)= FREE (I had 5 of these!!!!!)

Aquafresh toothpaste $1.00 (use.75 coupon Feb insert)= .25

Warm Delights $1.00 (use .50 coupon March insert)= FREE (I had 5 of these!!!!!)

Lysol Kitchen cleaner $1.29 (use .50 coupon)= .29

Angel Soft $1.00 (use .50 coupon March insert)=FREE

Meijer is again having 10 for $10.00 11th FREE- I bought 5 crest FREE with coupons and 5 Warm delights FREE with coupon then got my 11th FREE. So I got 11 things FREE!!

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