Monday, March 23, 2009


I had so much fun this morning getting things FREE, you might ask how did I do this? I shopped KMart, and they are AGAIN doing super double coupons up to and including $2.00 !!!!!!! I LOVE this sale, it helps me stock up on shampoo, toothpaste, medicine, lotion and other things for FREE. Here is a list of some of the goodies I picked up.........(I used coupons I have been clipping, to get these items free, remember KMart takes a $2.00 coupon and you get $4.00 off that item!

Ludemans Cough Drops

Celestial Seasonings Tea

Vaseline Lotion

Gillette Men's Body Wash

Glade candles

Chex cereal

Trident gum


I plan on going through even more of my coupons and heading out there one night this week with no kids:)

Call your local store to see if your KMart is participating.

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