Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I just had my first experience with cash4books, and it was a great one! By nature I love to
"get rid of things" I no longer use or need. I love to give things away if I know someone can use them or I love to sell things for extra "mad money".

I thought the whole process with cash4books ran smoothly. You basically go through your books and enter an ISBN# on the back of the book to see if and how much you will get. There are so many ways to make extra money online and this is a great resource.

If you have any books you no longer use or need,click on the right hand side of this page and click on cash4books. You have no out of pocket cost,not even for postage!

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Brandon Checketts said...

Cash4Books is one of many sites that buy used books. You can search all of the sites at once using BookScouter.com which is a real time-saver if you want to check several sites.

It also has a place to leave feedback for each site, so you can make sure to sell only to the sites where other have had a good experience.