Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So I venture out for back to school supplies tonight along with a good friend(thanks Lisa)
First we hit Staples and got our 8 pack of pencils for 1 penny (limit 2) the nice cashier let us do several transactions each, so I got 6 packs of pencils for 6cent! Then we got some folders for a penny each, they were out of Purell hand sanitizer(what do you expect we were their last customers for the night) then we head over to Wal Mart for some SURPRISE specials.

150 sheets paper .50 cents
1 subject notebooks .5 cents
24 count crayons .22 cents
2 pack glue sticks .22cents
Crayola markers and colored pencils 12 pack .88 cents each.
Ahh it feels good to have back to school supply shopping done and over with.
So head on out to Wal Mart as these items are going quickly!!!!!!!

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