Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sunday July20 STOCK UP SALE FOR $3.22

2 Loreal Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner (B.O.G.O. Free) = $4.99

2 Trident Xtra Care (B.O.G.O. Free)= $1.49

2 Revlon Makeup products(B.O.G.O. Free) = $3.49

2 ALL Laundry Detergent (B.O.G.O. Free)= $5.79

Total $15.76 (16.70 = tax)

Coupons Used
B.O.G.O. Free Loreal Vive Pro (last week paper)
B.O.G.O. Free Trident gum(Sunday paper)
$2.00 off Revlon makeup products(Sunday paper)
2 $1.00 off ALL Detergent(man. coupon)
$ 3 off $15 coupon CVS

Total= 3.22 + $1 ECB earned from gum (I could of used my $3.99 Ecb from last week, but I left it at home and $3.22 for all this is great).

Note- Some people are having trouble with the BOGO deals along with the matching BOGO coupons, but as I have been told they counter act each other and the item SHOULD be FREE. I guess it depends on your store or cashier. I have not had any problems of yet. GOOD LUCK!
Please Leave a comment if your store has given you a problem.

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