Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Im sure you have all heard of all the great deals taking place on the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday). Lots of folks get up at the crack of dawn just to take advantage of these exceptional deals. I look at all the ads and I think WOW there are alot of great deals. As for me, im not much of a "crowd shopper" I love a great deal and all, but the thought of hour long+lines and shoulder to shoulder crowds does not do it for me.

If you on the other hand are up for thrill check out all the fliers that will be delivered today, in your mail and newspapers. I may post some of the highlights later today.
As for me and my family we are going to enjoy some family time at home. We have a tradition of putting Christmas things up around the house.

From my family to yours have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy your long weekend either shopping or some R &R.

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