Monday, October 6, 2008


Im not seeing that many great deals on things I could use this week, but I will post the best deals I found that couldl be of help to you.... (check out last item on this page for a $10.00 money maker!)

1. 1 Bic Soleil $5.99 (use $2.00 coupon August insert)= $3.99 GET $4.00 ECB= FREE

2. Colgate Max Fresh $2.99 (use $1.00 coupon 9/28 smart source)= $1.99 GET $2.00 ECB= FREE

3. Aquafresh toothpaste .99 (use $1.00 coupon Aug. insert)= FREE

This is a great money maker if you have the save upto $30.00 coupon from March or June smartsource...

Buy 1 Breeze2 $14.99 (use upto $30.00 coupon)= No money out of pocket + GET $10.00 ECB.

YOU CAN MAKE $10.00!!!

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